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How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

When applied properly, eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. The growth and shedding cycle of your natural lashes will cause the extensions to fall out gradually. Since your natural lashes are constantly shedding (each lash on its own individual cycle) you will constantly be shedding extensions. If you want to keep the lashes up we recommend coming on average about 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness.

Please Note: Not every person is the same; some people have faster hair growth cycles than others.

Will Eyelash Extensions Damage my Natural Lashes?

No, as long as they are applied properly and you care for them your natural lashes will not be harmed. It is crucial that the lashes are separated and applied one to one (one extension to one natural lash). This requires extensive training, attention to detail and dedication. Your natural lashes follow a natural growth cycle and it is imperative that every individual lash is able to grow, live and shed on its own. If extensions are not properly applied they can clump and pull at your natural lashes causing damage, discomfort and premature shedding.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

Full sets can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on how many natural lashes you have. Touch ups can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How are the Eyelash Extensions Applied?

The eyelash extensions are applied one by one; isolating each individual natural lash and attaching one extension near the base of your natural lash (not touching).  This process is repeated until your desired fullness is reached.  Your eyes are closed during this process and it does not hurt; most people fall asleep! J

How Often Will I Need Touch-Ups?

With proper care we recommend every 2-3 weeks.  Once you go over 3 weeks the fills are more expensive due to excessive loss and regrowth.

Can I Wear Mascara?

Yes but only if it’s oil free or formulated for eyelash extensions. Mascara made for natural lashes has ingredients that will break down the bond of the adhesive. Waterproof mascara is extremely difficult to remove and will be harmful to both the extensions and the natural lash. If the mascara is meant for eyelash extensions it’s ok to wear sparingly, but apply it mainly at the tips. The removal and application process of any mascara will cause extra wear on the extensions.

Warning: Be careful using regular mascara even on your bottoms lashes.  When you blink it can still get on your top lashes causing the bond the weaken.

Can I Wear Eyeliner?

Yes. Gel, powder or liquid is best. Pencil eyeliner has oils that can seep into the lash line and can cause the extensions to come off quicker. Make sure when removing eyeliner (of any kind) not to use an oil based makeup remover.  Q-tips also come in handy to make sure you are not rubbing your eyes.

What if I Get an Allergic Reaction to the Adhesive?

Reactions don’t happen often but if you happen to have one let us know as soon as possible. Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream can help. There are steps we can take to reduce irritation including a sensitive adhesive option and an alternate (lint-free) eye gel pads/tape.  Unfortunately, if the reaction persists, eyelash extensions may not be recommended for that person.

Do you Need to Take Breaks from Eyelash Extensions?

This will vary person to person, the general answer is no. However people with very fine natural lashes may need a break because their lashes are weaker than someone with thicker or coarser lashes. This is why the length/thickness chosen is so important to make sure the false lash is not too heavy for the natural lash.

Can I Swim and Exercise?

Yes, but it is best to wait 24 hours to get them wet/sweat to ensure the adhesive has completely cured.  Prolonged and excessive exposure to heat and water may reduce the life of your lashes, but will not make them fall off.

Please Note: If you have an active lifestyle you may require touch ups more often than others.

Why Did I Lose More Lashes This Time?

It is hard to say exactly why; you will notice that they do not last the same duration every time.  This can be due to exposure to water, oil, or sweat within the first 24 hours.  Or you may have been more active/touching the lashes more (remember your hands have oil on them and oil breaks down the adhesive).  You may want to try a lash sealant to use at home to protect the lashes.  Many find that it helps them go longer between their fill times.

What do I do if I Want to Take my Eyelash Extensions Off?

You can either let them shed out naturally or have a removal done.  If you don’t want to go in for a removal, you can try an at home remedy using coconut/olive oil.  Lie down and gently massage the oil into the lashes (please use sparingly you don’t want oil in your eyes).  Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and you should notice the lashes starting to come off your natural lashes when you massage them.  PLEASE, if you can’t get them all off do not pull at them…. you will be pulling your own natural lashes out.  If this does not work then call you lash technician for further instruction.